30 March 2008

101. Young Female Illustrator Who Relocated Brooklyn But Misses The Midwest

I am anxiously waiting to hear the results of the evening's primaries, when I hear hear Brian Williams say, And this is what Hillary does in her spare time.

There is a clip of a Texas landscape, likely George Bush's ranch, and into the scene rides Hillary Clinton on a near perfect, super horse. She looks stiff as usual and slightly excited, her hair long, wearing a pair of jeans. She holds the reigns tightly, trying desperately to control the horse. The clip ends and there is another clip of her homeland: trees, a path, a man-made lake. Hillary appears, coming down the path on a skateboard. Her hair is still long, she's crouched low on the board. She's coming closer, closer... all of a sudden there's a shot of her doing some kind of skateboard jump right in to the lake, then a huge splash. I wake up at that point.

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