24 March 2008

88. Lesbian And Avid Hillary Supporter

In my dream, Hillary and I are intimately involved. Given the demands of her campaign, I can't believe she is able to be with me. It is amazing. She communicates with me but not through words; it's more of a feeling that this is something she wants, and in turn I feel so lucky and thrilled that I actually have a relationship with Hillary Clinton, candidate for President.

The images in the dream are of us at various places both public and private, and it is a wonderful feeling and a connection that we share. These images were not sharp but the dream feels very real and I feel I am in love with her and that she loves me.

I wake up feeling as if I am literally in love with Hillary Clinton. It is very palpable, and whenever I recall this dream or recount it, I feel a deeper connection to her.

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