27 March 2008

96. 26-Year-Old Woman From Seattle

Hillary and I knew each other and we were hanging out, talking, walking along. At one point, a bunch of reporters and television cameras showed up. I realized that she had to give a little interview or at least address them, so I tried to appear inconspicuous and stay in the background.

The spot aired on the political talk shows and the talking heads were discussing who Hillary should pick as a vice president. Someone asked, What about that girl who was standing in the background [me]? Maybe Hillary should consider her for VP. I was watching this and thinking, Yikes, no thanks.

Then Hillary and I continued on to our destination which was my 4th grade classroom (an amalgamation of the 4th grade class I teach and the class I was in in 4th grade). She was going to give a little speech and meet the kids. Bill Clinton was already there and all the parents and kids were circling around him and talking with him, laughing at his jokes. It seemed like people weren't interested in Hillary. I was thinking, Nooo, you're supposed to be paying attention to her!

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