16 March 2008

62. 50-Year-Old Single Male Obama Fan And Food Writer

I am in the kitchen of my country house but it is open like a diner and there are a few dozen people there. Hillary walks in and sits right next to me. She is wearing a blue sweater, nice jeans and her hair is beautiful. None of the other people even recognize her. She speaks to me very gently and tells me about her life and is very affectionate, holding my hand and and closing her eyes. There is nothing sexual at all about this. It seems to be sincere affection. She keeps telling me that she is worried about me and wants to know how I am doing, and with each answer I give she closes her eyes and brings my hand up to her cheek. A gentle warm breeze is flowing over us, and through the big, open windows of the kitchen I can see flowers and blossoming trees everywhere.

When I woke, I found my opinion of her softened dramatically.

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