25 March 2008

91. Male Graphic Designer And Hillary Supporter In Los Angeles

I am in an industrial city in Eastern Europe. There is a war in the streets. To escape the violence I am jumping from rooftop to rooftop with fifteen other people. Some firefighters spot us and usher us into a warehouse, then shut the door.

We start finger-painting at little art stations, and I notice that Hillary is part of our group. I am awe-stuck by her presence but no one else seems to notice or care. There is a radiant quality to her and I feel a sense of peace. She announces to the group that she is holding a rally on Saturday and asks who she can count on to come. I raise my hand and shout, Go Hillary!

My enthusiasm is met with groans from the others in the group. I remember that a war is raging outside and suddenly feel ashamed.

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