12 March 2008

52. 4-Year Old Toronto Girl Interested In Peter Pan

This dream was submitted a mother who heard the dream from her daughter:

All of my gymnastics friends were sitting on a big piece of cheese. It was pretend cheese because you could sit on it. I met one pirate that looked like a basketball player. He was holding a basketball and had short sleeves. Then I had a fight with the pirates. I heard Hillary Clinton say they were going to kill me, but I'm more powerful. She was wearing a black coat but I couldn't see what colour was underneath. I had two powers, they just had one power in their gold, but if they run out of gold they don't have any more. I had a hockey stick and a sword. It looked like a hockey player and I cut both of the arms off of that person, then I put them back on again. After that, I forget.

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ShayShay said...

Hillary Clinton encourages young girls...they need to get this kid in a commercial for 2012.