18 May 2008

129. Female Huckabee Fan In Ohio

I was Hillary and was unpacking to stay at an apartment-type hotel suite in an Eastern European country. I was wearing a pink Chanel suit with a skirt. I was screaming mad at my campaign staff, including Bill, because they couldn't find my pink patent leather shoes.

I think the dream happened because I was frustrated with my toddler while my husband is in the midst of his own campaign in local politics.

13 May 2008

128. Female Hillary Supporter Who Recently Stopped Sending Money

In my dream I see Hillary and I tell her I have been praying for her. She nods and smiles. I say, I pray for the best possible outcome. She snaps at me, Pray for me to win! I think it's kind of funny and I know she is tired and beaten down so I don't take offense.

127. Single Female Independent InWashington State

I was at a Hillary rally with an all-women audience. Hillary was on stage and we were chanting, We support you Hillary! We support you! over and over. Then we all grabbed our legs in agony. I felt a severe pain running from my right hip to my foot. Then it hit me that supporting Hillary was causing the pain, and I started to yell, I don't support you! I don't support you! hoping that pain would go away.

I woke up a little disoriented, my leg hurting for real.

08 May 2008

126. Female Nanny From New England

In the dream, I am sitting in one of the front pews of a church. The entire congregation is expectant, waiting for something to happen. Then Hillary emerges in front of the pulpit. She is wearing a beautiful purple robe and is looking very queenly and goddess-like. An entourage of smiling people surround her and place a glittering, radiant crown on her head.

03 May 2008

125. Professor Of History In Boston

I was in a poker game -- seven card stud -- with Hillary Clinton. She was the bettor, each round betting the maximum of $5, though the chips were in the form of hard balls of congealed metal. Working on a flush draw, I called each time she bet. On the final round, with an open pair on her board, she bet again, and though I figured she might have a full house, I called, thinking I had a flush (ace high). She claimed to have a flush (six high), but then showed several different colored trinkets, which she insisted was in fact a flush. I turned over my cards, which contained four spades -- which somehow were supposed to be blue -- with a fifth made up of bluish pages from the Boston Globe advertising section. Clinton refused to accept the hand as a (higher) flush, and took the pot.