20 March 2008

77. Young Female Actress Who Ultimately Voted for Obama

I am with Hillary Clinton and her people, traveling in a small, pick-up truck, while Hillary rides in another truck.

The two of us end up in a hotel room together. It's dusk, and we've come to rest before she gives a speech. I'm amazed to find myself alone with her, and quite taken with the room itself, particularly the antique wallpaper: small pink flowers on a cream background.

We eat leftovers together at small table, and I feel sad that though she is working so hard, she doesn't have nicer food. We talk about her speech. At one point she says, in a stripped-down, desperately honest voice: I want to be President so badly.

I think you will be, I reply.

Then, though she protests like a child, I tuck her into bed for a nap to rest before the speech.


Anonymous said...

this dream makes me sad for Hillary, even though I am a Barack supporter.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm biased, but the Hillary dreams are so earnest and touching with an overwhelming tone of sadness.