10 March 2008

43. Staunch Female Democrat From Colarado Supporting Hillary

I was walking down a dirt road in a remote mountain town. A hunter with a brace of rabbits was walking in the opposite direction. Three tigers walked over to him and started to harrass him, and the hunter and I both had to take refuge in a car. The tigers heard something and went off.

I left the car and went to stand on the stairs of the building where we were apparently having a town primary. As I was waiting and talking to the other women in line, the tigers came in through a huge cat door in the wall, passed us on the stairs, and went up to Hillary.

Hillary said, There you are, my babies. Mummy’s so glad you’re back, and bent down to nuzzle and scratch the belly of the first tiger, who had rolled over and was purring at her.I have no idea what this dream means.

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