12 April 2008

115. Woman With A Blonde Bob Who Makes This Site

Hillary and I were walking through my city, Toronto. A few paces behind us my boyfriend was walking with the woman Hillary had just announced as a running mate -- a cheerful, friendly young woman who looked like Hillary but prettier, with a blonde bob and the same orange makeup Hillary was wearing. It wasn’t clear who this women was. I had told Hillary that it was a brilliant political choice, though I wasn’t sure it was true.

The four of us were walking through back-alleys, past clothing shops, toward a movie theatre. Hillary was impressive and serious and wasn’t making conversation, and everything I could think of to say sounded stupid to me (Do you come to Toronto often? – obviously she didn’t, but she was here now) so I didn’t say a word. When we passed a bunch of furniture and garbage that someone had thrown out, I looked at it desperately, thinking it might help provide me with a topic of conversation, but as we walked past it, I didn’t remark on it and neither did she.

At last we came to a large Canadian Tire store where her political rival – Bill Clinton (that is who she was running against) was going to announce his running mate. The store was closed but was being prepared to be open so that the announcement could take place. I felt bad for Hillary, for Bill's announcement would take place in that huge store, while hers had taken place that morning in a tiny shop, also closed, when no one but me was around.

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