01 April 2008

105. Woman Who Supports Both Barack And Hillary

It was a big day for Chelsea, a right of passage into womanhood or a graduation. A large crowd was gathered in the auditorium and Bill was at the podium giving a brilliant speech about the precious moment in his daughter’s life. I stood near the stage in the pit where Hillary was awaiting her turn to speak.

I was thinking what a lovely family moment it was, very genuine, though not quite fully removed from the political arena. I thought that it could have just been a very wise move for a politician to have a kid, a way of giving yourself a platform to speak on that is not political yet at the same time very effectively promotes you, whereas if you didn't have a kid, you couldn't relate so well to the majority of voters with families, who have gone through such experiences themselves.

It was now Hillary’s turn. Bill gave her a wonderful introduction and as her aides prepped her to go on stage, I noticed that she was wearing a costume pig-snout. Apparently it was a tongue-in-cheek joke about the bad press she had been receiving.

I advised her that it wasn’t a good idea to wear it on the stage, thinking that she should just play it straight and stay focused on what was happening with Chelsea. But she and her aides insisted it was important that she wear it.

She stepped onto stage and I could sense the audience was not amused. A group of middle-aged women shook their heads in disapproval. The joke had flopped. I was sure it would cost her in the polls.

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