07 April 2008

112. 67-Year-Old Female PhD Voting For Barack

I was with a group of people, mostly men, watching a political show on TV at someone's house. I made a comment about some campaign facts. One man said shut up, with a smile. Others had been commenting, too. I went into the kitchen and cleaned up, loading the dishwasher. There were some wooden-handled kitchen tools and I thought they may need oiling after being in the dishwasher.

Hillary appeared in the kitchen in a rose pink chenille robe. She was very thin. She looked upset that the wooden-handled tools were going in the dishwasher. I began looking for the oil I had bought earlier to oil the handles.

We had some perfunctory exchanges. She would not make eye contact. She was irritable but feigning civility. I tried to say something sympathetic about growing up in a house with brothers, but she brushed it off.

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