25 April 2008

122. Man Who Is A Hillary Supporter

I was on a plane, and for some reason, was carrying a tiny action figure of Hillary. Then the plane started barreling downwards. We were in free fall. I held on tight to the seat ahead of me until we hit the ground.

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground at the site of a terrible plane crash. People were strewn everywhere. The action figure of Hillary was on the ground next to me in pieces. I picked up all the pieces.

Then I was in a shabby office where apparently I was working for Hillary, only she looked more like it was 1993 than 2008. She was working in her office when I came to show her I had put the action figure of her back together. She seemed pleased. Referring to that and the Pennsylvania primary, I told her, That's the second time we've brought you back from the dead this week!

We laughed.

I went to give her a hug, but her mood immediately changed. I don't do hugs, she said coldly. I was suddenly very angry and embarrassed. Her tone was incredibly rude. I thought, Well, if she's going to be like that, I'll just vote for Obama!

It was a strange thing. I remember that she was not only younger in my dream, but incredibly thin.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I'd dreamt that.