02 April 2008

108. Recently Separated Father Of Two Remarkable Teenagers

I was a 100-year-old man and I rode a white horse to a cone-shaped temple where Hillary was giving a short speech.

The room was very small and as it was only filled with a handful of kindergarten students, I blatantly stuck out. I sensed this put Hillary on edge, as she seems quite perceptive, but she continued by reading from a set script, which went over very well, and she grew more comfortable. Then the kids asked her a lot of cute questions.

At the end of her speech, Hillary asked for campaign donations. I recalled that I'd already given to a telephone canvasser and left quickly to allow the youngsters full opportunity to meet this vibrant presidential hopeful.

I looked back at Hillary as I was leaving the hall and as our eyes locked in a warm gaze, she mouthed the words, Thank you and the horse you rode in on.

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