18 April 2008

118. Married Man, Father And Musician In San Diego

In my dream, Hillary wanted to date me. Her intent was more physical than just going out. I heard she was looking for me. Then she appeared outside in a shopping plaza and was acting coy. She told me she wanted to be with me, and I respectfully declined. She insisted that I consider her advances and there was an undertone of "or else". I still declined and she still insisted.

She took off her dress and asked me to check her out. She was wearing a t-shirt and average, women's underwear. It was not very flattering. I tried to walk away, noticing her car and that some of her secret service people were behind her, about 50 feet away.

She put her arms around my neck and pressed against me in a very awkward way. At last, I was able to leave the area.

Next, I found myself running from her secret service men who were trying to kill me. I was able to run into familiar territory and lost them. Then I got to my car and began driving, but they were hot on my trail. I was able to somehow leave the car and I watched the Secret Service men drive their car over the edge of a cliff.

Then I was in a different home from my own and the Secret Service guys still were looking for me. They were saying that they needed to find me or Hillary was going to be mad as hell. I was able to jump out a window and fly downward, rather comfortably, through some trees.

I was able to get away from Hillary and her henchmen only to realize that she was no different than any other "crazy" woman I've met. Weird.

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Anonymous said...

...crazy woman, but even hillary throws in the towel at that point...icy blue eyes and thin black underwear wouldn't help ; )