21 February 2008

20. Happily Married Woman of 30

I was strategizing with James Carville and Hillary in the Clinton’s living room. Bill was frolicking – jumping around on the furniture, running to and from the window. He was mute in the dream; physically couldn’t talk. Carville and Hillary and I were discussing something, then Hillary took me into the kitchen to have a girl talk, with her favorite dog in arms. The discussion descended into a mundane, uncomfortable conversation about whether or not she should attend the Cannes Film Festival this year.

Then I was back in the living room with Carville and Bill. Bill disappeared behind a secret rotating panel in the fireplace, which spun around like a secret passageway, but when it turned around (allowing him and the fireplace to disappear behind the wall), the other side had a picture of him painted on it, except dressed up like Napoleon..

Carville started hitting on me in the darkened living room (darkened because the fireplace had been the only light source). When I told him I was married he said that everything was negotiable and we should discuss it over dinner at his place. Then I said, But you're married too! Then he said, That's just branding, sugar, now follow me. He started to lead me down a hallway, then my alarm went off.

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