03 May 2008

125. Professor Of History In Boston

I was in a poker game -- seven card stud -- with Hillary Clinton. She was the bettor, each round betting the maximum of $5, though the chips were in the form of hard balls of congealed metal. Working on a flush draw, I called each time she bet. On the final round, with an open pair on her board, she bet again, and though I figured she might have a full house, I called, thinking I had a flush (ace high). She claimed to have a flush (six high), but then showed several different colored trinkets, which she insisted was in fact a flush. I turned over my cards, which contained four spades -- which somehow were supposed to be blue -- with a fifth made up of bluish pages from the Boston Globe advertising section. Clinton refused to accept the hand as a (higher) flush, and took the pot.


Anonymous said...

Clinton claimed to win, but didn't show cards, but rather trinkets. How did she end up with trinkets? He was supposed to have the better hand but his cards changed too.

Did his dream mean that she was a cheater willing to win at any cost?

Hillary: The Cheat said...

"Did his dream mean that she was a cheater willing to win at any cost?"

Ahem, isn't that obvious? Life immitates art.